Opoku Mensah

Resting Place


Mixed Media Installation

270cm x 456cm x 264cm

Resting Place consists of a rectangular shaped room, constructed without a rooftop and designed for interior spaces. Subdued lighting brings ornamentation to the closed exterior space in which the installation sits. Rays of light blast from an intense spotlight to illuminate the interior and redefine its strong presence.


Visitors are able to navigate the outside and the inside and they are invited to enter the space through an open rectangular vent, which operates as an outlined door. Inside, resides the demarcation of the floor with soil.


A skeleton of rectangular aluminium tubes mounted on joints makes up the metal structure. Façades of recycled cracker wrapping paper, carefully sown and joined to create a patchwork, hang at the top and waver beside the motion of passengers in this confined space. 


Installed to bring curiosity, three elements of furniture reside in the space. A night table covered with chewed gum is poised ahead of visitors as they enter the space. The gums on the table were chewed by passengers Mensah encountered and helped him in overcoming the struggles of his life. Confined to the night table, the chewed gums seal and protect the object, and the intimate treasures of the past. A curtain carefully woven with synthetic afro-hair embraces the rectangular window's opening. The hair curtain was braided whilst he waited many years to meet his mother again. A substance left over from turpentine, distilled from resin; covers a stool plastered over with colophony. The stool emits spoken words from told with the voice of his mother recounting the tale of the golden stool: the battle story of Queen mother, Nana-Yaa Asantewaa.


A habitat in which the space breaths, and engages comfort and intimacy. Resting Place is a special place for meditation and a place for memory.


The Spoken Stool


Caramel,  Colophony Resin, Metallic Stool

50cm x 30cm

The Stool's Voice - Poku Mensah
00:00 / 00:00

The Wall Paper

Recycled Cracker Paper Wrapper

Dimensions Variable


The Nights Table

Chewing Gum on Wooden Furniture

50cm x 30cm x 25cm


Me Maame Nwi (my mother’s hair)


Synthetic Afro Kinky Hair

300cm x130cm