Mills paints curious landscapes that encompass lost figures and odd hidden characters moving through the undergrowth.

An understanding of the paint is conveyed in Mills painterly language, creating a sense of mystery. Mills uses washes and glazes; sticky layers built into abstract night-time scenes. Dark shadows are followed by traces of light that edge into the painting from a distance. These backgrounds are accentuated by protruding lines which form forests of endless pattern and provide the viewer with a kaleidoscope of different views.

BA Fine Art

Falmouth University, 2017

Cultivator Studio and Workspace Business Award, 2017

C.A.S.T Cornwall, 2017

Group Exhibitions


Cornwall Open Studios


Painting Pavilion

Fringe Arts Bath



Interior | Shift

The Old Stones Bakery


Open studios

C.A.S.T Cornwall


Falmouth Fine Art London

South Kiosk Gallery

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