The Heterotopia Project (Heterotopia) will take the form of an artist residency program on the mountain of Pico Da Cruz, Cape Verde.


Heterotopia will exist as a physical and theoretical space which will provide opportunities for cultural exchange and connect the static geographic location of Pico Da Cruz to globally relevant ideas. It will engage with the participating artists, the local residents, and the environment in an experimental and research-based educational artistic program which will reach beyond the introverted sphere of the exhibition space and allow participants to discover and transfer skills, knowledge, and activity.


Heterotopia will approach the act of making art in a way which integrates personal artistic practice into the much wider realm of reality. This approach will account for the needs and aspirations of ourselves and of others, and produce social change, community interaction, cultural awareness, and shared experience. Heterotopia will develop, choose and make use of the various approaches towards, and the processes within, artistic practice, and will contribute to the development of a new practice within the subject area of Contemporary Art.


Heterotopia will situate itself as an artistic project within several different contexts, challenge tradition, and ask highly relevant questions.


Heterotopia will explore truth and fiction, and the area which sits between truth and fiction – one’s perception of truth – to question the reality in which we live, and imagine (and deliver) a future in which things can be different.