Heterotopia is a project conceived by Opoku Mensah, and co-curated by Edward May, Director of Circle Triangle Square.


It will ask, and is asking a number of questions about a number of issues.  These are:


- What is the issue?

- Why is there an issue?

- Why are Africans misrepresented?

- Why are black African bodies misrepresented?

- Why is that an issue?

- Why is misrepresentation an issue?

- What are the causes and effects of misrepresentation?

- What is misrepresentation?

- Why is representation so important?

- What is representation? 

- Why are Africans misrepresented?

- Does misrepresentation cause misunderstanding?

- What are the implications of misunderstanding Africans?

- Are Africans misunderstood?

- Why are Africans misrepresented? 

- How do we understand Africans - the African body or the black body?

- How do we come to terms with this?

- How do we come to a point of conciliation?

- What is it that needs to be done to solve such an issue? 

- Where do we begin?

- What are some current discoveries?

- What is a discovery? 

- What does it mean to discover something?

- What knowledge can we attribute to the African body?

- How do we better understand the African body?

- How do we attain such knowledge and understanding?

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