George’s work falls somewhere in between Comedy and Tragedy, emotionally raw and uncomfortably honest. Painting acts as an outlet of expression, a coping strategy and a way to define his own uniqueness. It provides him with an opportunity to share his personal experiences of life with the viewer. Unfiltered text is painted and/or used as the work's title. This text exposes his most intimate experiences and thoughts and acts as if it were a secret diary – which most people would want hidden from the world. Yet George bares all to let people know, so that they can understand him and his situation.

To find a common thread in George’s work would go against its very nature, it’s as random and sporadic and almost as pointless as he feels he is, but it has a charm about it. It’s ironic and very sarcastic but at the same time extremely serious.

George's work asks “why?”, and questions our values, and our actions and thoughts. What can be painted? Can I like this? These questions are not only concerned with the materiality of his work, but in regard to life itself. He searches desperately for a reason to carry on painting but also a reason to carry on living.


BA Fine Art

Falmouth University, 2017

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Littlehampton Museum




The Garden Studio

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