Edward May

May’s artistic practise explores the contemporary human experience whilst simultaneously making an inquiry into Art. His work is idiosyncratic and spans a wide a wide range of mediums.


For Remades and Readymades, May created sculptures which elevate the fence panel, the rock, the living plant and pieces of sheet metal, metal tubing, coloured plastic and building material to the status of art object by placing them upon the white walls of the art gallery, using plinths, and creating physical white spaces within the white walls of the art gallery. These elements are also combined onto two-dimensional surfaces to create abstract and disjointed, yet cohesive three-dimensional collages.

May's process of selecting these artworks from our environment is contradictory, as some are selected for their aesthetic and others are rejected for their aesthetic. A natural or mechanical weathering of materials over time helps to create an aesthetic quality similar to abstract paintings. When combined with elements of the natural environment, attention is drawn to those elements of the readymades which are often ignored, or unnoticed.


BA Fine Art

Falmouth University, 2017



Remades and Readymades

Circle Triangle Square

Memorial Device

[group show with Venta]

Electro Studios Project Space


Falmouth Fine Art London

South Kiosk


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