Bethell creates sculptures which are a dismantlement of architectural space. Cross-sections of domestic buildings are re-imagined through an exploded view that uses a series of material layers. These forms are no longer structural, and instead, provide an analysis of their original environment through their material properties. This combination of natural and man-made materials highlights a DIY element as he playfully reveals the construction of the artwork rather than concealing it.


Although the aesthetics of the sculptures appear product-like, each sculpture is extracted from an exhaustion of waste. These visual differences in material qualities are important considerations as Bethell’s gestures become more subtle and less resemblant of the original products.


Bethell’s process is meticulously driven by the manipulation of these raw forms into something dysfunctional, yet tangible. This combination of raw materials, found objects and mass-produced products provide an experience for the audience which propels them into a familiar domestic surrounding similar to the spaces that we inhabit.


BA Fine Art

Falmouth University, 2017



Back Lane West

The Bunker Project

The Exchange



Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Funding, 2016

NADFAS Competition, 2014

Group Exhibitions


Remades and Readymades

Circle Triangle Square


Falmouth Fine Art London

South Kiosk

Future Ore

Back Lane West


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