The Problem

Artists in residence


The artists in residence have a problem engaging with local communities in the creation of artwork which is effective in its engagement with others.


The residents of Cape Verde

have a problem engaging with the contemporary art world and artists who are producing work which is locally and globally relevant.


Africans of the mainland

seeking for ways to be recognized in the global area.


Diasporas of the African continent:

search for creative ways to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors on the continent but they might lack motor skills for connecting and navigating in the African environment. 

The Solution             

Heterotopia will provide an opportunity for the artists in residence to make work which will engage with internationally relevant ideas and local communities.


Heterotopia will provide an opportunity for the residents of Cape Verde to engage with the artists in residence and learn about and become involved in contemporary art practice.

Key Actions and Measures

What is our story? What are the stories which will grow from this? What tales will emerge from the water margins? Who will hear our tales and how will it be passed on?


For Heterotopia to succeed, we must create thorough and water tight proposal with achievable goals, select artists committed to the residency and ensure that the community in Cape Verde is engaged.


How do we join forces with people we can trust? How do we make sure that we can grow and trust them in the process of development?  How do we choose people who can understand and get involved in such a cause? 



Unique Value Proposition

Why is Heterotopia different and worth paying attention to?


Compelling Differences


The artists in residence simultaneous commitment to their own work and the overall goals of Heterotopia combined with the needs and aspirations of the residents will create a comprehensive programme.

Heterotopia aims to bridge the gap between the rest of the world and Africa for the purpose of collaborating and interaction. Bridging the gap between a remote place and the outer world.


Allowing a symbiosis integration of inquisitive personalities into a confined space.

Brilliant Basics

For Heterotopia to operate as a functional and organised residency programme, there must be:

  • Charitable organisation set up, with purposeful guidelines and intentions.   

  • Hospitable accommodation for the artists which is able to fill their basic needs for food, drink, and sanitation.   

  • Enough money raised for the artists to come, live and work.   

  • Meaningful engagement between the artists in residence and the residents of Cape Verde.


Questions to consider

How we create meaningful engagement? What is the responsibility of the artist? What are the responsibility of the locals? What is the meaning of what we are doing and why is it important? Who needs to be the pillars of this project?

What role does the cape verdean nation play in this story?  What value are we giving to this middle ground? 

Why is it important to do this project in Pico da Cruz as opposed to a city or a centralised location.

Where do we go from here?


How will we reach the financial supporters of Heterotopia?


Through a fund-raising campaign which will include crowdfunding, targeting individuals and organisations who have previously supported such projects.


Raising awareness of the Heterotopia through exhibitions, web presence, advertising, and public relations.


Unfair advantage

What does Heterotopia have that cannot easily be bought or copied?


The commitment to developing a residency which truly engages local communities with internationally relevant ideas and actions.


Supporter Segments

Who are the target supporters? What are their ages, locations, interests and occupations?

  • Individuals who truly believe in what we are doing and have a record of supporting projects like this.

  • Organisations who truly believe in what we are doing and have a record of supporting projects like this.

  • Friends and family of the artists in residence and the residents of Cape Verde.

Identified Assumptions


That we will be able to collaborate and create a shared experience with the residents of Cape Verde and the global community. That the residents of Cape Verde will be willingly engaged with Heterotopia.

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