Chaosmos is a word used to describe the 'composed chaos' of our world, a world which cannot be defined with a singular harmonious interpretation. The work presented by Robert Ive (a recent graduate from Falmouth University) and Harriet Foster (a recent graduate from UWE) sits not far from where it was created; both have been residents at Spike Island, an international centre for the development of contemporary art and design in Bristol.

Ive has produced a series of futuristic, apocalyptic drawings and a short film titled The Spine of the Fish. These works in alternate media focus on mechanical objects, organic matter, natural environments, and man-made constructions. When presented together, they create a loose narrative, one which is open-ended and rambling, but consistent.

Foster brings colour and shape to the viewer in two dimensional painted abstraction, stepping also into the third dimension, where her practice of painting goes beyond the canvas to include materiality and performance. Her work is much about the process of its creation, rather than any rational thought which predetermines its outcome.