Circle Triangle Square provides long-term engagement and support for artists and collectors within the field of emerging contemporary art. We support artists with the development of their careers and provide collectors with access to a range of high quality artworks. We aim to be as accessible, open and responsive as possible and bring together the different facets of the emerging art scene.

Project Spotlight - Remades and Readymades

Remades and Readymades attempts to explore the temporal experience of objects in an exhibition that may not be revolutionary in its ideas, in the way that the art appear to the eye, or in the processes which have been used. Instead, it explores the material and theoretical themes surrounding man-made objects and the natural environment (and the crossover between them), in the context of the Art Gallery.​ Artworks by Bronwen Anwyl, Daniel Bethell, and Edward May.

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Artist Spotlight - Robert Ive

Robert Ive examines the concept of place, how it is a constant ebb and flow of objects, people and histories that bounce around its boundaries, changing it and being the subject of change. Through different guises of making: painting, film, sculpture, photography, and writing, he engages in an act of world-building, to highlight his view of landscapes and scenes as areas of constant happening, filled with mundane events that inspire intrigue from the deep interplay of surrounding forces...

Pneumatosis, 2018, Oil on Board, 38cm x52cm

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Circle Triangle Square Artist Development Award

Opoku Mensah is the recipient of the Circle Triangle Square Artist Development Award (CTSADA) 2019-20. The CTSADA is presented to an artist to help them to develop and realise an ambitious project. The recipient receives 200 hours of dedicated support over the course of the year and a publication on the project.

Mensah is working on Heterotopia, an artist residency programme in Cape Verde.

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